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Ideal way to construct your house

Building a house is an intense process that you usually undertake only once in your life. In order to start well prepared for the building plans of your home. This will prevent unpleasant surprises along the way before the building adventure has begun.

Negotiate the reservation fee

Do you accept a home loan? The chance is small that you have to pay the full amount in one go. For the money that you do not immediately withdraw, you have to pay a reservation fee. The bank keeps the money aside for you. What you may not know is that this commission is negotiable. For example, you can ask the bank to pay only from the sixth month, but you can also negotiate the interest rate!

Note the quality of your building land

The building plot is a decisive factor for the price of your home. At first sight, however, you cannot know if there is water in the ground and if it is sufficiently strong enough. That is why it is wise to have a soil probation carried out before you buy the land, or to stipulate a suspense condition. After soil probation you know the exact bearing capacity of the soil. These are the things that should be checked properly before starting home construction.

Thinking before you start

To make a correct price assessment of your home, it is best to do a few essential studies in advance, such as an EPB or stability study. Based on these results, you can make a clear house design, submit a correct building application and avoid unexpected costs during your building process. Always ask for quotations in advance for the entire house including the finishing and do not just go for the budget estimate of the architect.

Think of extra space

A roof gives you a relatively cheap attic space. If you provide a fixed staircase instead of an attic hatch, then you can still convert this space into extra living spaces such as a bedroom or a desk. Make sure your storage room is big enough. Many people forget that the ventilation unit, the boiler and other technical equipment is placed here, leaving no room for the washing machine. Basement is also an option.


Think actively with your architect. Before you design the house, you do well to measure your current home. Is the living room big enough? Do you have too little space in the kitchen? Does the bedroom have the ideal dimensions? This is crucial information for your architect. Make sure you do not create the same defects in your future home, and take positive things with you.

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Tips for choosing a flooring company

Selecting   flooring company for your new home can become overwhelming. Finding a local contractor in can be difficult and only adds to the stress of deciding what style, design and materials you want to use. With so many choices to choose from, how can you decide? There are so many combinations, they are practically endless. Who can you trust to help you make a selection and an installation with your hard-earned money? First, decide what material you want. Flooring in Singapore has traditionally been hardwood, and remains a favorite choice of homeowners. Its stunning effect on your home decor creates an inviting feel in any living room or hallway. Hardwood flooring also adds value to your home and has a significantly longer lifespan: its lowest expectancy of use is the maximum expectancy to that of laminate. Because you’re using natural wood, your floors will not have a continued, repeating pattern like you would with laminate flooring. One of the drawbacks to hardwood, though, is that is requires a certain amount of care over the years to prevent damage and wear and tear. That is why, over the years, laminate alternatives are rising in popularity. It is better to consult best developer sales in Singapore in case if you could not able to find the right company.


Value for the money

As per the experts from the good cheap laminating flooring, it is not wise to dismiss all laminate flooring as “cheap” or “poor.” What used to be easily distinguishable from hardwood flooring is now virtually impossible to tell apart from it. Because they are easily maintained and more scratch-resistant than hardwood floors, laminated floors are a great option for any homeowner with children or pets. Laminate flooring doesn’t require special cleaning supplies or the occasional sanding or refinishing to keep it looking its best. It is far more cost-effective as well. Installation, too, can affect your decision to choose between hardwood and laminate; while hardwood is becoming more feasible as a do-it-yourself project, laminate is esteemed for its ease to install. Aside from the perks of laminate, some still prefer hardwood for its “feel,” or even how it sounds when walked upon. For regular maintenance one can also hire a well trained part time cleaner and increase the life span of the material. While laminate does not have the same problems with deterioration, if it becomes damaged, it may be difficult or nearly impossible to repair, forcing you to replace it completely.

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